10 Best Projector 2020 – [ Do Not Buy Before Reading This! ]

There are several things you’ll need to know before your search begins. Are you looking for a best HD projector with best price range? You have to go though all details before shopping.

Projectors range from compact short-throw models to big, hefty units that require a dedicated space, so depending on how much space you have will affect what type of projector you’re after.

Advantages of projector:

  1. Largest possible image

A projector offers the largest possible image, which can go up to 300” diagonally. Such a large image will make your movies come to life and turn your living room into a movie theatre.

  1. Easy to install
  2. Easier for eyes

A projector offers you with a large screen to watch movies or television better, making it more fun for you and your family.

  1. Space Saver

One of the best things of a projector is that it doesn’t require much space, as it can just be hanged at the wall. Since it saves space, it also tends to make the place look bigger and better.

  1. Portable
  2. Low cost
  3. Product Life span
  4. 3D experience
  5. A gift for the entire family

Nowadays projectors are used everywhere because of their features. They are usable in colleges, schools, offices or you can use it as entertainment purposes. There are plenty of options available on the market which can fulfill your demand.

Selecting a projector is one of the difficult tasks when it comes to their types, features, and qualities. There are some factors which we need to keep in mind while selecting the best projector.

Factors should be noticed:

Image sizes: There are various types of projectors available on the market and it is necessary to know about all these features. Always check the image size and the resolution of the camera properly.

Portability: the projector is mostly portable and we can move it from one place to another. Still, we need to check its portability as we are going to spend the money on it. Always buy the one who has increased portability.

Installation: This is one of the important factors which we need to observe before buying. It should be flexible and easy to install.

Features of the projector:

It is very portable and easy to operate the product.

Anyone can adjust the color and operate the adjustments easily.

It has an inbuilt zoom lens and lens shift function in it.

It produces less noise and gives the light output.

It comes with the best resolution as per your needs.

Some projectors include iris which is like a human iris, opens and closes to let light pass.

The best option you can buy:


This is one of the best projectors which you can buy easily. It gives a genuine 4k image and it has impressive HDR performance. It comes with a comprehensive set of features. It has great build quality.

It has excellent black and shadow details. Sometimes it shows the dark 3D image. For running 3D image you need to connect emitter and glasses. You can buy this projector if you are looking for a portable and compact product for your needs.

Epson EH-TW 9400:

It gives good HDR and SDR pictures. It has lots of setup flexibility. It comes at a very affordable price. It is not a true 4K projector.

BenQ W2700:

It comes with a very effective price and easily available on the market. We can use it everywhere. It has 4k playback and it is one of the good options if you need a projector. It is compact in shape and size. This one is the best 4k HDR projector you can buy.

It has a minor rainbow effect which you can neglect. HDR playback is outstanding at times, though the BenQ fares better with HDR content mastered at 1000 nits than 4000 and it has slightly high input lag for gaming.

It is essential to search for the features and types of the projector. They are compatible with android devices and computers. They are very portable and simple in use. As well as they are highly usable in the education sector and in commercial sectors.

How to choose best projector?

Contrast and Brightness

The contrast and brightness of the videos or images shown on the projector are one of the most critical factors which one must consider while purchasing a projector.

You have to check a projector with excellent image quality of projector as image quality matters a lot. Compared to DLP projectors, LCD projectors are better in terms of image quality. But you won’t notice a vast difference when your place is transformed into a home theatre. The contrast ratio plays an essential role when it comes to image quality, and so, it must be taken into consideration.


While choosing an LED TV, almost everyone considers the resolution factor. The higher the resolution leads to better image quality. In the same way, one should also consider the resolution factor while buying a projector.  There are 4K projectors in the market too.


Budget is the first thing which you must consider while buying any product. You need to choose budget-friendly projectors or high-quality projectors with excellent image quality. For those who wish to purchase a budget-friendly projector, the list of the best projector in India also has the best projector for home in India with price ₹10000 and below.

Warranty Period

If a projector has a longer period of warranty, then it can be considered as the one built with good technology and the best materials. It is preferable to opt for a projector with a higher warranty period. One should buy a projector which comes with a warranty of at least two years.


Potential home changers which can easily make over your place into mini-theater are known as projectors. Once you have the best projector for yourself, you won’t have the desire to even step out of your home. This is why you need to know exactly what to look for in the best projectors.

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You can be sure of the long life of the projector as it comes with years of warranty. This feature rich projector makes it the best budget projector in India.

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